Episode 31

Long May Your Chimney Smoke



Episode 30

Be A Proud Scot



Episode 29

Tops Off

Music: "Neboon" by Presto



Episode 28

Do You Think I Am Daft



Episode 27

It Makes Me Sick



Episode 26

Say No More About It



Episode 25

Merry Christmas

Music: "Peat Fire Flame" by The Corries



Episode 24

Family Photo, In Sequence by Age



Episode 23

Many Little Things Add Up To A Lot



Episode 22

Go Away And Don't Annoy Me



Episode 21

You're Talking Rubbish



Episode 20

Quick Wipe Of The Face With A Damp Cloth



Episode 19

Get Lost



Episode 18

Sharp Tongued



Episode 17

Get Out The Way



Episode 16

He's Bragging



Episode 15

Once Dead You're Going Stay That Way For A Long Time



Episode 14




Episode 13

Butchering A Perfectly Good Song



Episode 12

I'm very thirsty



Episode 11

A Bit Stupid



Episode 10

The Choice Is Yours



Episode 9

Stay Calm



Episode 8

Bad Stitching On A Cloth Falling Apart



Episode 7

Well Done



Episode 6

It's Pissing Down



Episode 5

Hurry up



Episode 4

She's A Beautiful Girl

Music: "Keep On Fighting" by Texasradiofish



Episode 3

A Tall Thin Guy



Episode 2

Don’t Try To Teach Someone
Something They Already Know



Episode 1

You’re Talking Nonsense