Dae ye
talk Scots?


Scottish Sayings are fascinating, rich, genuine, colourful, unique, underrated or not even rated at all and that's probably because they aren't known well enough on a global scale. That has to stop right now. From this moment onwards they are at least animated and hopefully this will help bring them in the spotlight to connoisseurs and newbies alike.

#scottishsayings are brought to you by Andrei Staruiala, a Romanian living in Scotland, hungry to absorb as much of its culture as possible.

Play, enjoy, share and submit your own Scottish Sayings ... you never know, we might make a season two if people are asking for an encore.





Episode 31

Long May Your Chimney Smoke



Episode 30

Be A Proud Scot



Episode 29

Tops Off

Music: "Neboon" by Presto



Episode 28

Do You Think I Am Daft



Episode 27

It Makes Me Sick



Episode 26

Say No More About It



Episode 25

Merry Christmas

Music: "Peat Fire Flame" by The Corries



Episode 24

Family Photo, In Sequence by Age



Episode 23

Many Little Things Add Up To A Lot



Episode 22

Go Away And Don't Annoy Me



Episode 21

You're Talking Rubbish



Episode 20

Quick Wipe Of The Face With A Damp Cloth



Episode 19

Get Lost



Episode 18

Sharp Tongued



Episode 17

Get Out The Way



Episode 16

He's Bragging



Episode 15

Once Dead You're Going Stay That Way For A Long Time



Episode 14




Episode 13

Butchering A Perfectly Good Song



Episode 12

I'm very thirsty



Episode 11

A Bit Stupid



Episode 10

The Choice Is Yours



Episode 9

Stay Calm



Episode 8

Bad Stitching On A Cloth Falling Apart



Episode 7

Well Done



Episode 6

It's Pissing Down



Episode 5

Hurry up



Episode 4

She's A Beautiful Girl

Music: "Keep On Fighting" by Texasradiofish



Episode 3

A Tall Thin Guy



Episode 2

Don’t Try To Teach Someone
Something They Already Know



Episode 1

You’re Talking Nonsense


Andrei Staruiala


Matt Campbell

sound design

Margaret Heeps

voice over

Canongate Studios

vo recording


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